Instructions Phase 1 of Final Project: Summary and Outline For



  1. Phase 1 of Final Project: Summary and Outline
  2. For this assignment, the following items will need to be prepared:
    1. A short summary of the organization you have selected for the project( You may use your own organization (although you must change the name for confidentiality purposes) or use a fictitious company. You may use the internet to look for examples of privacy policies and compliance and governance plans; however, the plan you develop must be in your own words). 
    2. Write a paragraph summarizing the organization.
    3. An outline of the paper based on the selected organization and the compliance and governance issues you will cover in the final paper.
      1. For more guidance on compliance and governance planning, review the following resources:
        1. Operational IT governance (
        2. IT Governance (
        3. Governance Framework (
        4. University-Wide IT Governance Framework (
  3. Your submission should be two pages in length.
  4. Make sure to provide any references used. One of the references should be to the source of your information (organization’s website). If the organization is one that you currently or previously worked for, please provide a website link to your company.
  5. The paper should be in APA format.

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