In Week 1 Assignment 1, you developed the project plan


In Week 1 Assignment 1, you developed the project plan document. Now, you need to create a report consisting of the following activities. Be mindful, at the end of Week 4 you need to combine all three reports into one.

Scenario: The CEO of your company is frustrated because the initiative to increase the sales volumes and customer support are stalling—and not for the lack of effort to develop the initiative, but due to non-function of the existing e-commerce website.

Imagine that you have been assigned as a project manager to manage your company’s e-commerce website, where customers can browse the company’s products, place orders, and interact with the company’s customer service representatives. Be mindful that the company’s e-commerce website can be viewed on a smartphone and should have an Android or iPhone app.

There are four common areas related to this assignment:

  1. Viewing the company’s product inventory
  2. Placing and reviewing the order
  3. Interacting online with customer
  4. Developing the app for the system


1. Identify the information-gathering techniques used in this project.

2. Identify the functional and non-functional requirements so far in this project.

3. Develop an activity diagram.

4. Create use case diagrams for the entire system and its subsystems Note: Consider all the possible use cases that would be needed for the entire system. Describe each use case (user story) in detail about each actor and activity and any other notation used.


Microsoft Office and Microsoft Visio or their equivalents such as OpenOffice, Dia, MS-Project, and ArgoUML or any other Open Source application are required to complete the assignments.

OpenOffice :


Length: 3-7 pages, not including title page and references.

Support your paper with at least 3 scholarly resources or white papers not older than 2015.

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