In this module, we discussed several topics regarding engaging and

In this module, we discussed several topics regarding engaging and managing talent. Based on what you learned, you’ll be designing a performance review process for the role you’ve been working with over the last few weeks, with one caveat – there is an employee issue that you must coach and weave into the performance review process (refer to M4L3).

  1. Employee Review Process
    1. Detail the employee review process timeline.
    2. Detail the employee review form/template you will use.
      1. Include at least one department/company key performance indicator to map to.
      2. How do you acknowledge bias in your form?
  2. Coaching: How would you handle the employee issue?
    1. Create a sample script to coach the employee(s).
    2. Create the opportunity in the employee review process for that employee(s) to work on the issue over the next year.
      1. How will you hold them accountable?


Use the Security Analyst job description you created in M2D1.Your security analyst yelled at the CTO the first day on the job because their mouse didn’t work. Weeks later, you discover they are running their real estate business from their desk when they are supposed to be working. They’ve also been calling family and friends to have hours-long conversations while co-workers have had to listen.

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