In this first module, you read an introduction to management

In this first module, you read an introduction to management science. Connect what you have with your own experience.
If you are already in a management role:

If you are not in a management role:

  • How do you see the methods covered in this course helping you in your current job or anticipated future employment?

Please be sure to clarify which question(s) you are answering by providing some background about your current/past employment and then answering the question(s).

Please respond to the discussion question with 1 original post and at least two substantial replies to other students.  A substantial reply is considered a post which moves our discussion forward and deepens our understanding of the material.  You may wish to post a probing question (i.e. How would your model apply in ____ context? What would happen if we changed ______?) or by adding new information (i.e. This is similar to _____ because ______).  Posts which simply state “Way to go Bob!” or “I thought the same thing.” do not deepen our understanding and will not earn full credit.  You are expected to frequently review this discussion forum.


M1 Journal Assignment

For your first journal entry, please share what background you bring to this course. Please include relevant work experience. Please also share both formal and informal math background (e.g. courses taken, such as statistics, and workplace training). Please also share any questions you have about what has been covered so far.

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