In the simplest of terms, a strategic plan can be


 In the simplest of terms, a strategic plan can be thought of as: 

  • -Where are we now?
  • -Where are we going?
  • -How will we get there?

The county/city manager has hired you for a special project where you have been tasked with developing a new 3-year strategic plan outline for a county/city in your state that you select.

Develop a 700- to 1,050-word strategic plan annotated outline that discusses the approach to the development, implementation, and assessment of a new 3-year strategic plan in the county/city of your choice.

Address the following in your outline:

  • -List and discuss the key components that will guide your development of the new strategic plan.
  • -Describe the process for analyzing the operational and tactical approaches in the plan.
  • -Explain how you will garner organizational buy-in for the new strategic plan.
  • -How will stakeholder feedback be integrated into the plan?

Include critical implementation and assessment strategies in your plan:

  • -Key implementation strategies and supporting examples.
  • -Strategic plan assessment strategies, including:
  • -Empirical assessment strategies
  • -Assessment timelines
  • -Benchmarking
  • -Evaluation of plan feedback to guide strategic plan adjustments

Cite at least 3 outside references to support your assignment.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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