I need around 300 words Describe what you would focus

I  need around 300 words

Describe what you would focus on for social media research for the company you focused on in this class. 

IMORTANT: I focus on Personal Branding on Social Media doing Affiliate Marketing

Then, describe social media analytics that matter for your business. 

Be specific using terminology from the reading.  


Be sure to answer the following in your plan:

What is social media research, why is it valuable for marketers?

What are the primary approaches to research and what will you focus on?

What is the research process for collecting, processing, and analysing residual social media data used in social listening and monitoring?


For your Analytics Plan:

Describe metrics that matter for your business.

What is a KPI?  Describe 2-3 KPI’s for your business.

How can marketing managers apply the DATA process to evaluate social media marketing efforts?

What is A/B testing? How could you use it for your business?

What is Social Media ROI?

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