I have to do a 5 paragraph assignment based on

I have to do a 5 paragraph assignment based on a TV show. The TV shows that are easy to refer to for this assignment are either 1.) “Friends” or 2.)”The Office”. Must only refer to 1 TV show for this assignment.

There are 3 tasks to do:

1.  Explain 3 situations during the episode in which nonverbal communication plays a factor (Paragraph for each situation). Make sure to include the nonverbal behaviors that the characters are using and why they are essential to the scene. (3 paragraphs total)

2. How would the absence of nonverbals in these particular situations affect the show (1 paragraph total).

3.  Pick 1 character from the show, after you’ve watched the full episode. How would you rate them on reading nonverbal cues? 1-10. What could they do better to improve their skills? (1 paragraph total)

Total of 5 Paragraphs.

NOTE: Each paragraph must contain at least 4 sentences.

This assignment is to be done in MLA Format.

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