I am looking for someone to write 2 discussion posts

I am looking for someone to write 2 discussion posts for me within the next six hours. Each discussion post has to be a minimum of 200 words with no more than 400. An image will be uploaded below with the two questions and I will type them out here as well. 

1st Discussion: Subprime Financial Effects

If you have followed the news at all over the last few years, you know that much of the financial mess from 2008 forward started with the subprime mortgage market. After covering the material in our text dealing with real estate finance, do you feel you have a better understanding of what has gone on? What are your thoughts about the situation during the years just after 2008 as well as the lasting effects of the subprime mortgage crisis?

2nd Discussion: Secondary Mortgage Market 

We can argue about the benefits of the secondary mortgage market for lenders; however, has this advance been beneficial to the individual borrower? Explain.

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