Look at the link above it has a discussion 

Look at the link above it has a discussion on their you did and here is a comment from my professor about your post.

Did the author(s) collect any numerical data? Was the numerical data more than frequencies or percentages? Did they do any statistical analysis, like what you might have learned about in your statistics class? 

In response to Stephanie attachment applied anthropology and Makenna Image 5121 that is attached  look for connections that they may have missed and give an idea of how to make their explanations stronger. 

Stephanie post

 In this discussion we are breaking down applied anthropology into four sub fields. In my mind map, I have focused on what each field would study or find important. 

Makenna post

I did all topics to demonstrate the versatility of applied anthropology and how it has so many uses in the real world. Everything from medicine (example: immunology) to business (example: consumer behavior), applied anthropology plays a key part in a variety of major aspects of human culture. 

Respond to Trevor, Jennifer, Germaine, and Clint post be constructive and professional with respond.

Trevor post

Managerial skills can literally make or break a company. Poor management can even desecrate a once successful company. Managers need to be able to adapt and overcome obstacles, innovate and invent new ideas, as well as constantly be learning and studying to remain competitive and keep the advantage. It is not a job where you can get complacent and just cruise through the days. Another key component that I believe is crucial in successful management is motivation, recognition, as well as building camaraderie throughout the different levels of the business. When employees feel like they can come to their manager and be heard, it can open the door for employees to spread ideas, feel like their ideas are helping build the business as well as feel appreciated at their place of work. All of these things improve the business in the long term.

Planning, organizing, leading and controlling are four key functions of management. Planning is laying out the blueprints for the goal, creating steps on how to get here, analyzing budgets, and attempt to plan for obstacles and future endeavors. Organization can be internal chain of command, resources, products, etc. Knowing the inside and outs of the above can prepare a business to become more successful. Leading ties in to the some the statements I referenced in the first paragraph. Being a manager and being a leader can be two completely different things. Explaining the goal, showing the steps on how to achieve the goal, and making everyone feel like they are a part of completing that goal is imperative. Finally, controlling, is keeping everyone on track. This can refer back to motivation as well. Holding everyone accountable for their actions and input is one part of control. Another aspect of it can be if items or products are accounted for and an inventory is kept up to date.

Jennifer post

When considering various managerial skills, I think of proficiencies and experiences with organizational policies such as eligibility, program requirements, program benefits that would be an advantage in the Human Resources department for hiring prepossess, advising, and supporting employees. These are also some essential skills for program managers along with understanding your budgets for programs, equipment, and support services. Managers in researcher and data collection are critical for analyzing client outcomes, team members, and community needs. That is useful for determining the program directions and if goals have been met.  All department managers should understand the administrative procedures and objectives set by boards of directors and senior management. I think that a high level of transparency is essential from boards of directors and senior management to program managers. So that management has the knowledge and tools needed to lead and train their teams, staff, and volunteers. Another important function for managers is understanding wellness and team morale. Managers who provide supervision that is encouraging to your staff, taking the time to hear what they are sharing, while giving direction. I think the most crucial thing in management is good commination.  

I feel that if originations implement these functions, they will plan, organize, and lead better than other organizations. As far as controlling, I think that comes with your staff trusting management so that they can build loyalty for the company. When the staff is loyal and happy, they will perform better, giving better service to their clients.

Germaine post

A logic error (or logical error) is a mistake in a program’s source code that results in incorrect or unexpected behavior. For example, assigning a value to the wrong variable may cause a series of unexpected program errors. Multiplying two number instead of adding them together may also produce unwanted results.

I work for a Real Estate Firm and have a lot of retail and office property. We have property a lot of different states. And since Covid19 they have amend a lot of tenant amendment which I think is a great thang. That is to help a lot of business from going out of business. My company did a good thing for there investments. I think that is logical. I hope that I have answer the question for this week post.

Clint post

 The example of a logical error I would like to discuss is the If/Then statement. Recently, when the vaccines were given out, and the mask mandates were relaxed, those who received the vaccine and were fully vaccinated were able to not wear a mask if he/she did not want to. Those who did not want the vaccine, had to carry on wearing a mask. These were also the same guidelines given by my company. People have questioned me constantly about how come I am still wearing a mask, and they always follow up with, “Are you not vaccinated”? So in their logic, IF I were to wear a mask, THEN I am not vaccinated, which is not the case. Just because I wear a mask does not mean I am not vaccinated. To keep a long story short, I let them know that I have two sisters, and my wife that work as nurses and they see first-hand what COViD does to people, but not only that, I have a 1 year old that I am not willing to take my chances on. Yes, there is no fool-proof way of avoiding catching COViD, but at least this way I can say that I did everything I could to prevent receiving/transmission of it. 

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