How does an adaptive approach to conceptualizing teams compare to a psychodynamic approach?

For this assignment, you will participate in a discussion with your teammates and prepare an executive summary report of your team’s findings. Before sending a document to your faculty member, be sure to include your name and the names of your teammates on the assignment title page. When you save the document, include your last name, first name, and assignment title in the filename (e.g., smith_john_assignment1a). Steps 1. Complete the assigned readings for this week and review Team Evaluation Form and Responsibilities of a Team Leader in Materials below.

2. Discuss, investigate, and research the following with your teammates: How does an adaptive approach to conceptualizing teams compare to a psychodynamic approach? Give two examples of both that your team members have experienced and discuss why they succeeded or failed. Which approach has greater support through empirical research? What are the main characteristics of each? Each student must use, source, & post at least one peer reviewed journal article. Post the resources as you would in a reference list. The same goes for using the course textbooks. 3. In a Microsoft Word document, prepare a five page executive summary report. The report should include a title page with all of the team members listed, as well as the following: a) a duplicate copy of the question(s) or issue(s) to be addressed, b) the team’s findings concerning each issue(s), c) an analysis of the issue(s) indicating their relevance to leadership in today’s business environment, and d) the team’s opinion as to how the information gained from the issue(s) can be used in their workplace. The team may also include additional information that it considers relevant.

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