hereCompare and Contrast Assignment DO assignment on hyperpidemia and dyslipidemia This assignment helps students begin to notice patterns


Compare and Contrast Assignment DO assignment on hyperpidemia and dyslipidemia

This assignment helps students begin to notice patterns across clinical situations and note variances and what to do about them (10 pt).

1. Find 2 patients with the same/similar diagnosis or reason for appointment

2. Identify the diagnosis/reason for appointment-

Gather information to use in the compare and contrast portion of the assignment. You may create a table to clearly present your information.

· What was their medical surgical history

· Define 2 primary medical problems/diagnosis with pathophysiology

· List all Medications the patient is currently taking, as identified in the EHR

3. Compare and Contrast the following:

· Identify assessment findings – note specific findings that are out of range and current prescribed or medical interventions related to findings.

· Teaching/Education – What education would be appropriate for these patients? How would you customize your teaching for each patient?

· Examine and Compare what the text book or literature says in comparison or contrast to what your patient looks like

· Research: Evidence Based Practice (EBP) in a

Professional Nursing Journal
related to your client category, diagnosis, treatment, etc. (must be cited/referenced in the assignment).

· How does this relate to our patients?

· Did this apply in the clinical setting?

· Was this research integrated into the clinical setting, treatment, etc.

The student must present the information in paper format and submit to the appropriate drop box. The inclusion of details can be done in a table for Data/Comparison/Contrast. All components are necessary. The outcome will not be met if the student does not address comparative and contrast of gathered information on patient condition.

Compare and Contrast Rubric


0 points

1 point

2 points

Information Gathering

Minimal comparative information included in assignment.

Information included does not include 2 elements of diagnosis with pathophysiology, medical/ surgical history or incomplete list of medications.

Information gathered is complete and contains the appropriate minimal number of diagnosis with pathophysiology, medical/surgical history and medications.

Assessment Finding

Not included

Minimal assessment included in the assignment

Complete and comprehensive data included to outline the patient/medical assessment

Teaching Education

No teaching identified

Teaching identified, without clear contrast to what unique education was necessary

Teaching identified and complete comparison or contrast of how education differed.

Textbook / Patient Compare and Contrast

No reference to textbook or minimal inclusion of textbook information to compare and contrast patient condition.

Included <2 concepts in the textbook to compare or contrast to the patient condition

2 or more concepts used from the literature to compare and contrast the patient condition.

Journal Article and Patient

No journal Article indicated

Included 1 concepts from the article to compare or contrast to the patient condition

Included one comparison and one contrast from the article to the patient condition.

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