For this assignment, select a topic for the course project

For this assignment, select a topic for the course project and write an executive summary for a project proposal.  The executive summary will summarize the most important information relative to the project.   



The heart of this course is a multi-unit project that entails the steps involved in planning, designing,

and implementing a CIS system. You will not be required to physically create a system, but rather will

be writing about it. Therefore, no special software is required for this course except, of course, for

word processing software.

You can choose one (1) of the following scenarios for your project:

• A website for a sporting goods retail company

• A database system for a supermarket’s inventory

• A business spreadsheet system for an organization’s human resources department

• A project management system for the construction of a computer training facility

• An advanced computer graphics presentation for a political campaign

• A cybersecurity system for a small company that has neglected computer security issues


For this assignment, you will select your topic from the choices above and write an executive

summary for your project proposal. The executive summary will summarize the most important

information relative to your project. Be sure to review the readings and resources provided on the

topic prior to writing the paper.

Include the following in your executive summary:

• Information on who is writing the executive summary, including their contact information

• A description of the goal(s) of the project

• A short description of the current system

• A brief description of the people and/or organizations who are, or will be, the users

• A description of the proposed changes to the current system

• A list of the problems that the project will solve

• The estimated costs involved in the establishment of a new system or changes to the current


• The amount of time each phase of the project will take, including the start and end dates for

each phase

CIS450 – Seminar in CIS

Unit 1 Assignment: Executive Summary


• Your executive summary should be 2-3 pages in length, with additional cover and reference


• The summary should be double-spaced, written in 12 point Times New Roman font, and use a

1-inch margin.

• Use at least two (2) scholarly sources in your assignment and include all references and

citations properly formatted in APA.

• Use complete sentences and appropriate grammar and spelling.

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