Font size of 11 pt or higher. DO NOT SUBMIT

Font size of 11 pt or higher.  DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR EXCEL DATASET.  PDF format only.  

1) ANOVA analysis

  1. Open the Data for ANOVA analysis Excel workbook
  2. Choose to perform a 1-way ANOVA analysis for either the variable demographic age or race. You may need to reorganize the dataset in order to conduct the analysis is Excel.  Report  which variable you have selected to work with
  3. Perform a descriptive numerical and histogram analysis for each subgroup (or levels) for the variable you’ve selected.  Report all tables and histograms , along with interpretations, in your Final Report document
  4. Check that the subsets for your variable have the same number of row entries. If not, use the Sampling Tool in Excel to randomly select the largest number of row entries, for each subset, that works for all of them.  For example,  if there are  subsets with 7, 4, 9, and 10 row entries,  use the sampling tool to select a random sample of 4 row entries for each subset. Report the Sampling tool screen shot as part of your Final Report
  5. Use Excel to run a 1-way ANOVA analysis.  Report all Excel output tables and interpret the results.  Report this as part of your Final Report
  6. If significant differences between subgroups is detected,  perform a Tukey multiple comparison test (see ANOVA note files from course) to determine where the significant differences exist.  Report the test, and your interpretation, evidence in your Final Report document

2) Please attach your presentation.  Save in PDF format only. Your presentation, should contain the following  slides (please title the slides):

  1. Your Choice of analysis
  2. A description of its use (What is a  1-way ANOVA, What is an example real-life application (provide hyperlink to real-life application source))
  3. List of Variables in the times series dataset or list the ANOVA subsets groups
  4. Report all tables and charts (on separate slides) , formatted to class expectations, that were used in the analysis.  Be sure to number all tables and charts and include brief description with each.  Axes titles for all charts

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