Fall-prevention in Older Adults with Dementia

Fall-prevention in Older Adults with Dementia


This assignment is a formal APA submission as well and must have an introduction that outlines what you will be discussing in the body of your paper and a conclusion at the end of your paper. Articulate three objectives, one for each domain. Each objective is: learner-centered and discrete; written in clear, measurable terms; reflective of your assigned case study; reasonable for a three minute teaching session Cognitive (4 marks) Affective (4 marks) Psychomotor (4 marks) Provide a rationale including integration of theoretical knowledge that is, evidence-based practice to support each objective (4 marks) To demonstrate integration of theoretical knowledge for each of the objectives (that is each domain) review and cite the revised version of Learning domains of Bloom’s taxonomy for all of the domains. his link is in the Work Out section of Unit five. ( Remember each domain has its own specific level of knowledge categories ( Clark , 2015)) Clark, Donald. (2015). Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains. Retrieved from http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/hrd/bloom.html. Once you have written the learning objective a discussion of the knowledge level learning category for each domain specific only to the objective action presented (EG: Cognitive Domain: remembering, understanding, Apply etc.) to demonstrate your understanding of the theoretical knowledge for each of the domains of learning. This must relate to the objective’s measurable action outcome. Each domain has its own level of knowledge categories ( Clark 2015) Provide the learning theory of influence ( review the WHO (2012) document) and present which behavioural teaching model/theory and the concepts that best relates to the objective action and why. Consider for each objective (domains):

• Your personal learning and teaching philosophy with the appropriate learning theory of influence eg: social learning theory as it relates to the objective. • Patients learning style (optional you may not have any idea) • Resources/strategies that will be used • Motivation of learner and how this affects your dominant teaching style Summary of what each domain objective must contain: 1. Clearly stated objective ( identify the domain) and make sure the objective has an action that clearly identifies the measurable outcome. Use the SMART principles. 2. Level of knowledge category for the objective action for each domain. ( Clark, 2015) 

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