Explaining Radicalization

Overview: Your initial post in this discussion will be a presentation about radicalization as a tool for terrorism. In your presentation, you will analyze the role of propaganda in radicalization; however, you should avoid discussing media extensively, as the role of media will be addressed in the next module. This presentation should also include the Analysis of Jihad’s Terror Organization paper… New intelligence analysts have started working at the fusion center, and the deputy director has charged you with preparing a presentation about radicalization. You will attach your presentation (or post a link to your presentation) in your initial discussion post. As you build your presentation, remember that slides serve as visual aids that accompany what you would say during a presentation. Use the notes section of each slide to add the details (in complete sentences) of what you might say while delivering the presentation. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: Definition: Define radicalization Cyclical Nature: Describe the cyclical nature of radicalization Recruitment Tactic: Explain radicalization as a recruitment tactic, including identifying countries from which terrorist organizations often recruit Propaganda: Analyze the role of propaganda in radicalization, avoiding an extensive discussion of media Rubric: Guidelines for Submission: The presentation attached to your initial post should be four to five slides, not including title and reference slides, with speaker notes on each slide. Citations and references should be formatted according to the latest APA guidelines

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