Epidemiology: Identify a public health problem in my community.

This research paper needs to Identify a public health problem in my community. (city of Miami) The guidelines have been attached for each section of the paper. Here is more on the guidelines as well. Part one of Assignment

—Title page (Running head:short version of title capitalized) double spaced, and everything has to be times new Roman 12 pt. Font) – [ ] Title – [ ] Name – [ ] Barry university (Header for remainder of pages: no running head + short version of title + capitalize).. example: epigenetic modification instead of entire title: epigenetic modifications as bio markers of specific…) —Beginning of second page @ top: type entire title capitalized. – [ ] Problem statement (centered & bolded): doesn’t have to be long. One to two paragraphs. Don’t have to be so specific only if dealing with incidence. – [ ] Use of acronyms is permitted, but must be spelled first – then in parenthesis throughout paper. —Purpose (centered & bolded): short paragraph (4-5 sentences) —Significance (one – two paragraphs + needs to be supported) – [ ] Needs to be something that contributes to either improve the work of physicians, dentists, etc.. or provides the care of something. Not statistical significance, but practical. Collazo’s significance…”something.. with potential to reduce disparity by producing early diagnosis.” – [ ] Use literature (needs to be within last 5 years)  

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