DUE IN 4 DAYS Final Project Part One: Lesson Plan Review the Common Core


Final Project

Part One: Lesson Plan

Review the Common Core State Standards website (Links to an external site.). Select two to three academic standards on which a unit of study can be developed. Utilize the KUD Lesson Plan Template to create three lesson plans, each of which implements a different instructional model (select from models that have been covered in this course).  Be sure to create clear KUD objectives to meet the standard you have chosen to teach. Each of the items below must be addressed in each of your KUD Lesson Plans:

  • Identify the grade level for which you are designing the lesson and explain why it is appropriate.
  • Describe the instructional model you have chosen and tell why it fits your plan. 
  • Identify the academic standard on which the lesson is based. Please include the full nomenclature of the standard. 
  • Write one students will understandobjective, at least two students will know objectives, and at least two students will be able to do objectives to meet the academic standard you have chosen. 
  • Describe assessments that will be utilized to measure students’ mastery of objectives. 

Your lesson plans should be written using the KUD Lesson Plan Template. You may choose to create a new lesson for each of the three instruction models you have chosen, or you may repeat the same lesson utilizing a different instructional model for each of the three plans you are required to create. Keep in mind, if you choose to repeat your lesson and apply a different instructional model, you will need to adjust your assessment plan and lesson procedures to match the model. 

Be sure to incorporate the feedback you received from your instructor throughout the course so you create a cohesive and well-supported set of KUD Lesson Plans.

Part Two: Rationale

You may begin working on these areas through weekly assignments throughout the course. Address each of the following bullet points in your Final Project:

  • Introduction: Describe the focus of your project (unit of study). 
  • Rationale for selection of instructional models: Explain how and why each selected model will be effective in meeting instructional objectives for that lesson. 
  • Meeting the needs of diverse learners: Describe how individual needs can be met in each model/lesson plan. 
  • Assessment and accountability: Describe types of assessment that will be used in each lesson and how they measure students’ mastery of objectives. Describe how you will use assessment data to guide your instruction. 
  • Evaluation plan: Explain how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your unit of study. Describe adjustments you might have to make during implementation.
  • Conclusion: Describe how you feel about lesson planning. What do you think are your strengths? What do you need more support with?

The entire project must be a minimum of 10 double-spaced pages in length, not including title and reference pages, and formatted according to APA style (where appropriate) including a title and reference page. You must use a minimum of four sources, in addition to the course text. The sources do not have to be scholarly.


Required Resources


Hansen, C.B., Buczynski, S., & Puckett, K.S. (2015). Curriculum and instruction for the 21st Century. Bridgepoint Education

  • Chapter 7: Long-Term Planning
    • This chapter discusses the purpose for long-term planning and processes and structures educators can use to organize instruction.
  • Chapter 8: Daily Lesson Planning
    • This chapter describes the distinct phases of planning instruction for a variety of instructional models.

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Required Text: 1. Sociology: The Essentials, 9th edition. Margaret L. Anderson. Cengage Learning. NOTE: You may purchase the digital option available via MindTap at Cengage,

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