Draw a vector diagram showing how these forces can be added together a

Question 1:


Tug A is heading west and tug B is heading south. The figure above shows the approximate direction of tug C.


a.If the system shown is not moving (i.e. it is static), describe how the forces operating on the platform relate to one another.

Write this relationship mathematically using vector notation.


Draw a vector diagram showing how these forces can be added together and how the heads and tails of each vector relate to each other (see the Part 2 book, Figure 13.25 (p. 197) for an example of a vector diagram).



b.The magnitude of the forces A and B acting on the platform are:


|A| = 725.0 kN


|B| = 615.0 kN


If the system is stationary, what is the magnitude of force C?


Show all your working clearly and give your answer in kN to 3 significant figures.



c.The drilling platform has to be moved directly west. In order to achieve this, what would have to happen to the resultant force acting on the platform?

Suggest two ways the individual forces could be changed to achieve this resultant force. You may change the magnitude and direction of any of the individual forces to achieve this.

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