Description General Genetics Science Literacy Assignment Content: There are many ethical questions regarding biological concepts and techniques. Students are required to research a topic from the list below and write a term paper on it following the guidelines below. Be sure to use credible sources when conducting your literature search. One of the sources MUST be a primary source (scientific journal article). Make sure that all sources are properly cited with in the text and on a “References” page using APA writing style. GUIDELINES Be sure to write a paragraph describing each of the following: 1)Introductory paragraph: Introduce the topic and controversy and give an overview of the paper 2)What is the “normal” biological phenomenon? *How does it occur naturally? *Why does it occur/ * What is its purpose? 3)How have humans manipulated the phenomenon? *How have advances in technology enabled humans to alter the normal phenomenon? *Are there multiple ways in which it has been manipulated? 4)Why it is controversial? *What is it about the manipulation itself or the effects of it that raises biologically ethical questions? *Is it harmful? Does it have side effects? *How does it impact the individual? Society? *“Playing God” and “against moral beliefs” are not biologically relevant. You may mention them IN ADDITION to the biologically relevant issues. 5)What are examples of its use? *What is it used for? How has it been used? When should or shouldn’t it be used? *Be sure to include and describe at least 3 specific examples of use. 6)What is your personal reaction to the topic? *Describe your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the issue. *Did it change with your acquisition of knowledge? *Why do you have these opinions on the issue? Base it on scientific facts. 7)Concluding paragraph *What is the take-home message of the entire paper?


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