Definition of Terms Present a list of terms and definitions


Definition of Terms

Present a list of terms and definitions that relate to the program, topic, problem, gap, program, and project framework. Suggested length 1-2 paragraphs. 

Topic: perceptions of lived experiences of discrimination against African American

Please give each a topic and answer each question please with citations

  • Describe the background for your study and      how your question relates to the background of the study. Discuss previous      studies and demonstrate exactly how your project (answering the question,      applying to practice) will advance the scientific knowledge base on this      topic. Consider the following guidance:
    • Questions should be appropriate for the knowledge gap and current state of knowledge (supporting evidence).
    • Questions are cast using the variables or phenomena under study. The variables or phenomena in the questions are       identical to the variables discussed in the problem and specific theory       gap.
    • Questions are explicit in naming the type of relationship or phenomenon under study.
    • When answered, questions will make a  contribution to theoretical or practical foundations. The contribution to       the academic field and to the theoretical foundation must speak to how       the relationship among the variables or to the phenomenon addresses the       knowledge gap previously identified.

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