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So here is what the paper should include and it is already written in what in the attached documents which you also please read CAREfully! 1: Database shall include only 3 relational tables 2: Each table shall include at least 5 fields having different types (Numeric, Text, and Date) 3: Tables shall be linked through their Primary/foreign keys 4: Report shall include at least 500 words written using MS-Word, and include the following sections: A. Description of the business (100 words) B. Business process of interest and the planned improvement – which means how the conduct the business and how can they improve it. (200 words) C. Strategic competitive advantage of the Database (200 words) D. A complete ERD Diagram showing the basic structure of the Database with description – Please make sure it’s a very basic, but an ERD Diagram that makes snese E. A snapshot of the Relationship Diagram. PLEASE look at the slides if you’re confused with anything, and also please email me if you are confused.

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