Create an action plan for 7 retail stores based on


Create an action plan for 7 retail stores based on the information below. The action plan must be in a SMART format specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and “time specific. Each bold bullet point has to have a plan. Assignment do Saturday September 18, 2021. Each asterix have to have a follow up date.


·**Common threads seen through tours:

o Poor schedules, no quality in the store or market scheduling reviews, lack of succession plans, no people meetings, plans that are provided haven’t solved for the root cause.

o Foundation broken and PLs do not have routines in place (causing issues like too many CP reqs)

o Time is being spent on tasks that don’t help fix the big picture

**Store specific feedback:

o High qty of associates w/o schedules. Store15 had 26 associates; common issue

o Team associates didn’t know they were getting a raise with our recent announcements (Store 90)

o No Q2 talent review took place (Store 90)

o Too many coach openings and stores couldn’t speak to plans to close the gaps. Huge priority for you.

o SM development-team should have aligned Robert with a sponsor long ago. Has been identified, but we have to make new leader development a refreshed priority

· Missing foundations I need to see in the market:

***Detailed planning

§ Staffing plans by role for each store. These can be written by the PL or POL. Non-negotiable

§ Plans need to be specific and have a return on the investment.

§ Plans must solve for the root cause of the issue. (i.e. why we have to continue to clean up attendance points, exits, training, etc.)

**Follow up what does it look like

§ Stores need to know how they win, and what does progress look like within the plan

§ Who exactly will follow up and to what frequency

o What’s the footprint of the MHRM/what does the MHRM stand for in the market

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