Create a project overview for the following project Must include

  Create a project overview for the following project

Must include at least 6 bullet points for each of the following :

 Business Drivers,Expected Benefits,Project Objectives, estimated cost, estimated timescale, major assumptions and constraints


What the project is attempting to deliver?

Align with that given in the mandate

Should be SMART

What do you expect to achieve with the project?

Starts with “To…”

Is Specific and Measurable

Used to gauge project “success”


What other good things will be derived by doing this project?

More general than the objectives

Overview Sections Cont’d

Estimated Cost

Breakdown of the assigned budget

Shows costs per major category (deliverables)

How will the total budget be apportioned?

Could be aligned to objectives

Timescale / Time for each major category (phase)

How will the total time for the project be used?

Milestone dates for major deliverables

Start and End date of key phases


What are you taking for granted as “true” at the start or throughout the project

What you are NOT told but you are holding true as you plan or execute


Things that limit/bound you as you execute the project

What you KNOW is true and is limiting you as you plan or execute

The new library is planned to be conveniently located near existing academic space and recently dedicated student residential accommodation. 

Project Budget 

Fixed Project Budget: £46m (million) 

must determine how to allocate this budget against the different activity project stages and primary activities e.g. requirements, design, build, testing and the procurement of equipment etc.

Project Timescale

Fixed Timescale:  The project must be delivered within 3-years (Please Breakdown)

Al related project stages and activities must be delivered within this timescale

Project objectives and primary design requirements 

  • The size of the library will be      7,400m2
  • 7 storeys high
  • A double height entrance space      to address the streetscape
  • Needs to house 154,000 physical      books 
  • 200 Laptops for loan
  • 530 new PCs
  • 916 study spaces
  • A Café
  • A study hub (for student advice      and guidance)
  • Silent study spaces on each of      the upper 4 floors 

The building should have a strong civic presence and have gravitas.

The building must be connected to the adjacent Campus Centre and Business School at first floor level – continuing and extending a network of linking bridge spaces that run throughout the campus. 

The overall design should be energy efficient and highly sustainable in nature.

The project must adhere to the stated budget and time constraints 

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