Create 5 slides of Asian ( Chinese, Japanese, Filipino) Immigration

Create 5 slides of  Asian ( Chinese, Japanese, Filipino) Immigration patterns (historical and recent) 

Instruction required:  

_•Individuals include relevant visuals (maps, charts, graphs, photographs, You-Tube film clips, websites…)

____•Individuals use MARKERS through-out the presentation for summary and conclusion. This means summary statements, generalizations as you proceed through your section. To encourage interaction, you might ask the participants to answer a couple of questions, make a summary statement or include their perspective(s) here.  

____•Group members integrate information from our TEXTBOOK and or RETHINKING throughout the presentation. Note when you are referencing textbook information, example:  According to Bennett, Africa was never a dark continent but in fact was a very sophisticated culture. (Can also include additional information from Rethinking schools and internet articles.)

____•Reference Sheet with websites, book citations, organizations, films posted on last slide.

1 slide of CONTRIBUTION ( Vietnam, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino) 

Contributions may include examples of role models, gifts to society, as well lesser known perspectives
(recent and historical about individual’s contributions). Mention briefly more well known, for example,
individuals, but provide us with more information about one or two role models that we might have less
knowledge about.

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