Contracts 1. Locate a standard form contract that you have



1. Locate a standard form contract that you have already signed, or may sign in the future, with a large corporation – such as an agreement for a credit card, to purchase a car, to join a health club, etc. Read all the terms. Discuss whether the contract is more favorable to you, or to the other party to the contract, and identify any particular terms of the contract you think are designed primarily to benefit the other party. Other than the key terms, like price, are there other terms you would change if you could have negotiated the terms? Would you sign this agreement (or sign it again) having read all the terms?

Intellectual Property

2. Define the term “plagiarism,” and discuss the proper methods to avoid committing plagiarism in your writing.


3. Use the website for the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation to do a Company Search on “State Farm Florida Insurance Company.” State when the company was first licensed in Florida, and give the company’s home address. List the “Authorized Lines of Business.” If you wanted to register a complaint against this company with the State of Florida, who would you contact?

Real Estate

4. Locate the legal description for a piece of residential property in Pinellas County. Give me the street or mailing address for the property, and the full legal description for the property. Describe how you found the legal description.

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