Concepts of privilege and intersectionality

Purpose: to apply critical thinking and essay writing skills to an audiovisual medium Instructions:

Write an essay comparing the life experiences of different characters in the web series Her Story. You will focus on the concepts of privilege and intersectionality. Your essay must include an introduction with thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In the first part of your essay, you will examine the concept of privilege. Analyze one or two characters who you believe have unearned advantages. Choose your character(s), summarize specific scenes, and explain how the scenes show privilege. In the second part, you will examine intersectionality. Choose one or two character(s), summarize specific scenes, and explain how the character(s) experience discrimination due to intersectionality. Before your conclusion, write a paragraph comparing the character(s) in your intersectionality section with the character(s) in your privilege section. How are their life experiences similar or different? You must refer to specific scenes, dialogue, etc., from the series. If you watch the series on YouTube, you can turn on the “subtitles” function to help you capture direct quotations or make paraphrases. You can also click on “settings” and slow down the speed of the video if that helps. You must identify the specific episode(s) to which you refer. (Example: In episode 1, Allie……) Guidelines:  MLA style, including Works Cited o Include one works cited entry for the entire series (i.e. do not list each episode individually)  Third person point of view (i.e. use pronouns like she, her, it, he, his, they, their, etc.)  Research is not permitted. Use the web series.  Relevant, attention-grabbing title

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