Complete a 2-page review of one of the videos from

Complete a 2-page review of one of the videos from last week, “The Surprising Workforce Crisis of 2030”.
video link: ( For this paper, please follow the format below: 

  1. Write a summary of the video’s highlights.
  2. Share at least one particular point that you strongly agree with and why?
  3. Share what point you may not be in total agreement with and why?
  4. If you were present for the presentation, what two questions would you ask as a follow-up?
  5. From a human resources perspective, what recommendations would you make to your organization?
  6. Use references to help substantiate your point.

For this  you should incorporate a minimum of two references per page (4 references minimum for the whole paper). You may use your textbook and/or this video as a source if you like along with other scholarly/peer reviewed sources. Wikipedia and blogs are NOT considered scholarly sources and should not be used. online writing services are not allowed in the completion of this as this should be original and a reflection of your work. In-text citations must be incorporated into the body of the paper in addition to a full APA citation on the reference page.  

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