Compare a contrast a duplicate, overlap, and overlay. Why is

  1. Compare a contrast a duplicate, overlap, and overlay.
  2. Why is it important to avoid MPI errors? Illustrate with an example. 
  3. With the manual MPI cleaning method, it took 1 year to identify 60,000 duplicates. With the MPI cleanup software, it took 4 months to identify and fix 78,000 duplicates, because of the advanced duplication identification methods: phonetic research, deterministic search, and probabilistic algorithms. Explain these methods in your own words and use examples if that makes it easier to explain. (DO NOT quote the definitions provided. If you do, you will earn no points for this question).
  4. If you were a member of the “registration team” that was formed, what would be your recommendations for preventing the new duplicate numbers up-front?
  5. What knowledge and skills would you need to work in the area of MPI cleanup without the specialized software and with specialized software? After reviewing the HIM curriculum Links to an external site.( and checking out some of the course descriptions available, in which courses do you believe you may acquire some of that knowledge and skills? What other resources would you use to equip yourself for that type of job fully?  

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