Child Psychology 3103 Class Assignment (CA) #5: The Internet as


Child Psychology 3103 

Class Assignment (CA) #5:

The Internet as Source of Information about Sex and Sexuality

North American parents tend to give their children little information about sex. Although both parents and adolescents express a desire for open communication about sexual issues, parents often feel that they lack the knowledge and communication skills to talk openly about sex. Increasingly, the Internet has become a source of information about sexual matters. 

Your task is to locate a site on the Internet that gives information on adolescent sexuality or advice on discussing sex with children. For this assignment help Thoroughly review and critique the information provided by the site. For example, what topics are covered? Are values discussed in addition to the biological details of sex? Are the more difficult topics, such as homosexuality, contraception, oral sex, and STDs, discussed? How is sex defined? Does it include activities and behavior other than vaginal intercourse? If so, what topics/issues/behaviors are covered? Does the site provide information about risky sexual activities? Do they warn parents and teens about the consequences of risky sexual behavior? What is the quality of the information at the site? Does the information seem accurate (supported by research in the text)? What specific advice, if any, is given for improving communication between parents and children? Is information at the site provided in a culturally sensitive manner? Explain. Who do you think can benefit from visiting the site? Is it appropriate for teenagers? For children? For Parents? Explain.

Respond to these questions in no more than 2 pages.

Submit this assignment in the Dropbox for CA#5/The Internet as a Source of Information about Sex and Sexuality before 11:59 p.m. on due date.

Class Assignment (CA) #5

The Internet as a Source of Information about Sex and Sexuality


Student’s Name ________________________________________________________

__ Identified internet site (Location/name given) (max. 1 point)

__ Evidence that site was visited and information at site reviewed (max. 3 points)

__  Commented on information regarding various topics at site (max. 2 point)

__ Noted definitions of sex, including traditional and less traditional descriptions (max. 2 points

__ Commented on accuracy, appropriateness of information, cultural sensitivity (max 2 point)

Total Points: ____________________

Adapted from Berk, L., Harris, S., Christensen, Cl., Ashkenaz, Carloni, J., Murphy, D., & Hnatov, N. (2009). Instructor’s Classroom Kit for Berk. Child Development (8th Edition), 408.

Assignment Help One (Assessment 2): Land Valuation 

Your client, Ms Wang, has given you the following instruction:

Dear Student Valuer As I am currently based offshore, I am employing you to assess the value of the property. I require an analysis of the sales and an indication of current market value. Please note I am not requesting a valuation report. Yours faithfully, Ms Z Wang

Please complete the following:

a. Complete a Scope of Work in accordance with clause 20.3 of IVS 101 for this request. 

b. Write a letter to the client describing the subject property (physical and legally) and provide a paragraph on the state of the market. 

c. Provide an analysis of three recent sales that are comparable to your subject property with the sales and comparables to be allocated in class

d. Draw up a descriptive chart that provides details of the subject property and the three comparable sales. Be sure to include in these descriptions all the features for which you are adjusting. 

e. Complete a sales comparison chart with brief explanations of adjustments made. For easy reference include the subject property details in this chart. Please use dollar value adjustments only or if you wish to use percentages follow the methodology from page 366 in ‘The appraisal of real estate. (2020). (Fifteenth ed.). Chicago: Appraisal Institute.’ This is on reserve in the library under 127.242. You can also refer to slides 17 and 18 under ‘Sales Comparison 2021 (Part of Module 7). f. Provide a valuation conclusion and explain your reasons for the value that you have adopted. Do not average the adjusted values to come up with a final value figure.

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