CAT1 Chapters 240 and 241 in your Principles and Practice



Chapters 240 and 241 in your Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine text detail several electrolyte abnormalities. After completing your assigned readings, answer the following questions;

1.      How is serum calcium regulated?

1.      What body system dysfunctions would cause calcium abnormalities?

2.      The GI tract, kidneys, and skeletal system are integral in regulating calcium.

2.      What are potential causes of hypercalcemia? How can you differentiate the cause of hypercalcemia in your patient?

3.      How is hypercalcemia diagnosed and managed?

4.      What are potential causes of hypocalcemia?

5.      What are potential causes of potassium and magnesium disorders?

1.      What is pseudohypokalemia? What is the treatment for this?

6.      What are the potential consequences of potassium and magnesium disorders?

7.      How are potassium and magnesium disorders treated?

1.      What is the function of Calcium Gluconate in lowering potassium?

8.      How are potassium disorders treated in clinical situations with rapid potassium shifts, such as diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperglycemic hyperosmolar state, and periodic paralysis?


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