Book about any social problems that are currently, negatively affecting US citizens

Choose a scholarly, recently published (published within the last five years) Book about any social problems that are currently, negatively affecting US citizens. Be careful to choose a book that fits the criteria that will show your best effort and increases your knowledge about your choosing subject. This will be a 4-page paper, make sure you spell and grammar check and follow this format exactly. The textbook you have to use is Social Welfare politics and public policy 8th edition by Diana M. DiNitto. The book review book you can choose anything from the given subject, but you have to find one chapter in the textbook that will go to the selected text. Number These as listed below! 1, explain the process of why you prefer this book 2, write a summary about the topic of issue addresses in the book 3, what chapter from your text specifically pertain to the issues in this book? (cite within this section) 4, did the Arthur do an excellent job with the topic, what did you learn that can help you in the future Studies and senior project and serve you personality in the future. Would you recommend this to others? 5, remember the reference page that includes your text and book

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