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Position Paper:  Write a 5-7 page position paper (excluding title page, abstract, references) addressing the implementation of blockchain within one of the following fields or a field of your choosing:

  • Healthcare. 
  • Corporate Finance/Digital Securities 
  • Transactions/Banking
  • Real Estate.
  • Supply Chain/Logistics.
  • Insurance.

Formatting Requirements

  • Select 10-12 professional/academic sources to discuss Blockchain technology’s work in your chosen topic. 
  • Use UC library’s resources to access the journals. 
  • Reference list Formatting: Must use in-text APA…References are made for each sentence that source material is used or discussed.
  • A reference list must be provided: a minimum number of references
  • Use Time New Roman 
  • 12 Font
  • Make use of Headings and Subheadings.
  • Paragraphs must be indented
  • Submit as a PDF

You will find attached an overview of developing a position paper created by Simon Fraser University. 

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