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Come up with a research question about Artificial Intelligence. for example, these are some topics I copied from the internet. 1: The classification technique for the face spoof detection in artificial neural networks. 2: The iris detection and reorganization system using classification and glcm algorithm. 3: The pattern detection system using an algorithm of textual feature analysis and classification. 4: The plant disease detection using glcm and KNN classification in neural network. 5: To propose a technique for the prediction analysis in data mining. 6: The heart disease prediction using a technique of classification. Please convert one 1 of the above topics into a question in Artificial intelligence. This paper should have the following 3 separated parts: 1. Annotated Bibliography. due 21 March 2019 at 5pm (5 1-paragraph annotations & 300-400 word synthesis) MLA 2. Issue, Audience, & Genre Analysis. due 27 March 2019 (2 pages, single-spaced) 3. Researched Argument Advocacy Letter. 27 March 2019 (2 pages, single-spaced) 1. Annotated Bibliography detail: Annotated bibliography: minimum 5 scholarly sources (5 1-paragraph annotations & 300-400 word synthesis) The annotated bibliography will help you collect, summarize, and evaluate your data. It will be an important component of your research, and it will help you keep track of the most relevant sources for your research project. You will be required to summarize and evaluate six sources and will then seriously consider how the sources “talk” with each other. The sources may be a mix of scholarly and other sources. importantly: this assignment is Annotated Bibliography but I need you to find at 5 or more credible sources (scholarly sources). send me the sources too. After that you can write the research paper based on the topic and answer the question you will make. 2. Issue, Audience, & Genre Analysis. In this assignment, you will answer a series of questions rather than write a unified essay. These questions ask you to describe an appropriately narrowed, current (within the last 12-18 months), and unresolved issue relevant to your field of study, explain what caused this controversial issue to arise, and explain why people disagree about how it should be resolved. These questions will force you to examine additional elements of the rhetorical situation including audience and genre. And, ultimately, you must take a stance on this issue and support your stance with credible research. Note: my field is cybersecurity; you can do on Artificial intellegence. 3. Researched Argument Advocacy Letter (2 pages, single-spaced) In this assignment, you will present a stance on an issue where there is a difference of opinion. Your task is to persuade your audience, an audience with substantial influence over the issue and who is resistant to your stance, to agree with your position or at least consider a compromise. Your work on the Annotated Bibliography, as well as the Issue, Audience, and Genre Analysis, required you to find a current unresolved issue in your field, establish your stance on it, and identify and research an audience with a vested interest in the issue (decision-making authority) who is opposed to your position (in part or in total). Armed with the facts and informed opinions you have compiled, it’s now time to write a persuasive, researched argument about that issue, tailor it to your audience’s expectations, and present your argument in a specific genre, the advocacy letter, appropriate for appealing to a resistant audience. Additional important detail for student; OVERVIEW Research Project – Annotated Bibliography – Issue, Audience, & Genre Analysis – Advocacy Letter Objectives Research Project: Annotated Bibliography Choosing an issue and an audience for your major argument essay will require research, to include gathering background information to: – teach yourself about the issue – help you better understand the multiple perspectives on the issue – determine your own stance – Identify an audience who has authority regarding with issue – identify an audience who disagrees, in part or in total, with your stance Setting out to gather this information is called exploratory research . You begin with a research question , but you don’t have to arrive at a thesis by the time you have compiled this annotated bibliography. Your goal is to use these sources to educate yourself, understand both sides of the issue, and learn who has decision-making authority over it. Choosing a Preliminary Research Question/Topic I want you to write about a topic that you are passionate about! And, remember the project title: Inspire change! This research should inspire readers to make a change, in some capacity (globally, individually, politically, physically, etc.). With this project, you will be doing a lot of reading about your chosen subject matter. So use this time wisely, and choose a topic that you genuinely want to learn more about!! You should also choose a question for which you do not know the answer , otherwise your research will likely be biased.

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