Anthropology of Food: Food Foraging Paper


This short paper will be a written account of a fieldwork based, experiential engagement with food, based upon one of the textbook’s Foodscape Grounded Box exercises from the chapters(picture and citation attached) It will use course terms and concepts, and demonstrate a practical and thoughtful engagement with an aspect of the local foodscape. Maximum 1200 – 1400 words (11 point font, 1.15 spacing, with word counted added), with additional pages with illustrations and references attached, if needed. Follow the instructions laid out in the Foodscape Grounded Box Use appropriate course terms and concepts, as suggested in the box Creatively and thoughtfully engage with the exercise Demonstrate effort to experientially engage with the topic Submit a university standard paper that is proof read, properly cited, and follows instructions. Citation: Crowther, G. (2018). Eating culture: An anthropological guide to food. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Message me if there are any questi

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