Alcoholics Anonymous: Mental Health Related Anti-Stigma

 Assignment The focus of this assignment is anti-stigma. The student is expected to attend some type of meeting, group or presentation that has a mental health related issue as its focus. This may include something related to mental illness or addiction. Suggestions include a formal presentation, attendance at a speaker meeting for Alcoholics Anonymous. You are expected to write a 4-5 page report, double spaced, 12 pt. font describing the experience. Your paper should include the following:

1. Description of the event including its purpose and participants.(5pts.)

2. Discussion of the topic of focus for the event including any new information learned (10pts.)

3. Discussion of how persons identified as members of the group you attended or who are the subject of the topic presented are targets of stigma. Include describing what stigma is and it’s contributing factors as well as how your own feelings, knowledge or attitude may have been influenced by attending this event. (20pts.) 

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