Plan and conduct a multi-track recording session’ In order to pass this assessment you must complete a recording consisting of at least 16 audio tracks with at least 4 overdubbing stages. This requirement should be met in a single session which will be observed by your tutor. You may add other tracks at a later date if necessary to complete the recording. Before conducting the recording session you should provide a plan. The plan should provide evidence that you have:

• Planned a multi-track recording session in conjunction with artist/client/engineer

• Booked and confirmed appropriate studio time in conjunction with artist/client/engineer, dependent on studio availability

• Select and/or booked appropriate equipment relevant to purpose Your plan may include e-mails between you and a client, or minutes of planning meetings held. You should also provide documentation showing records of studio and equipment booking.

During the observed recording session you must demonstrate that you can:

• maintain correct gain structure and signal flow throughout a recording session

• communicate effectively with client/artist • maintain correct monitoring of playback for engineer and performer • successfully record signals onto tracks on a multi-track recorder ensuring the resultant recording is undistorted and acceptable in terms of level and clarity • demonstrate the effective use of relevant onboard and/or outboard signal processing within a multi-track recording

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