5 questions to answer separately! All relate to Implementing the ABCDE

5 questions to answer separately!

All relate to Implementing the ABCDE Bundle to decrease hospital length of stay in a long-term acute care hospital. You may reference the three primary articles attached – must read them to use them 

 question 1

Describe the primary quantitative literature upon which your DPI Project is based and explain how the scientific evidence supports your recommendation for a practice change.  ( attached are three articles to reference) these are three primary articles 

question 2 

Describe how the outcome for your DPI Project is linked to quality improvement and how it will improve the quality of health care for the patient population.

question 3

How are you incorporating technology at your site to enhance your project? What technology will you use to gather data and analyze the data? (discuss  the electronic health record – excel and SPSS for data interpretation )

question 4

considering  what a DPI Project is and how you are incorporating the Christian worldview into the project. As a Christian university, GCU integrates faith, learning, work, and service in an effort to honor God in all that it does and encourages others to join in these endeavors. In what ways does your DPI Project reflect this?

question 5

Discuss any existing or new barriers (stakeholder, financial/cost, supply chain issues, etc.) you anticipate for obtaining IRB approval at the project site or the GCU IRB. Discuss any existing or new barriers you anticipate for implementing the intervention at the project site. Include your plans to mitigate these barriers.- discuss the lack of resources for the mobilization of physical therapy staff, the deficient number of chairs in each room; the plan would be to have the therapy team teach staff about safe patient handling (look that up and reference it ) and utilize all chairs available – discuss the issue with staff documentation – discuss the importance of completion – bundle champions will inspect bundle sheets daily to ensure it’s completed in its entirety. .

All questions list separately, all must have at least 2 references and 250words each question 

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