1. Research  the assigned topic to your team and write

1. Research  the assigned topic to your team and write a 15-20-page report. Your  report must contain an abstract, introduction, body contents  (subheadings), evaluation, conclusion, references. The report should be  APA compliant (double-spaced, spelling, grammar, references & word  formatting). Make sure to upload your report at the discussion section  for the residency.  
2. Prepare  a PowerPoint presentation of the assigned and researched topic. Prepare  and give a 1-hour presentation of the assigned topic (40 minutes  presentation and 20 minutes for discussion). Each member of your team  will speak during the presentation session, so make your presentation  thorough and upload it at the discussion section for the residency.  
Hints  for your slides: Excellent visuals for the topic; background, graphics,  and text complement the presentation and are congruent with the message  of the presentation. Excellent notes (note view) are included or  voice-over was used for details of presentations. Transitions are used  between slides and animations are used on individual slides 

report & PPT in 30 hours

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